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NCAA Scope and Dataset - Effective 1 April 2018

NCAA Scope

Following discussions at the last NCAA Annual Meeting and with the advent of the Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes (OHCAO) Registry, the NCAA Steering Group has decided to amend the NCAA scope to exclude any resuscitation event commencing in the community and subsequently attended by the in-hospital resuscitation team (or equivalent).

The NCAA scope has therefore been amended to:

Any resuscitation event commencing in-hospital where an individual receives chest compression(s) and/or defibrillation and is attended by the hospital-based resuscitation team (or equivalent) in response to a 2222 call.

Data will be collected where ALL of the following criteria are met (in any order):

  • individual is an adult or child over 28 days;
  • resuscitation event commenced in-hospital; this includes all areas covered by the hospital-based resuscitation team (or equivalent);
  • individual received chest compression(s) and/or defibrillation;
  • 2222 call made; and
  • individual attended to by hospital-based resuscitation team (or equivalent) in response to the 2222 call.

NCAA Dataset

To ensure the quality of CPC data, a “Not assessed” option will be added to the ‘CPC at discharge from your hospital’ field. This option should be selected only after all avenues for obtaining CPC within your hospital have been tried.

The updates will come into effect from 1 April 2018.

Updated versions of the NCAA Data Collection Form, Data Collection Manual, Dataset Flow Diagram and Dataset Quiz are available to download from File Exchange (log-in required); other supporting documents will be updated in due course.

Please contact the NCAA Team if you have any questions on 020 7269 9288 or ncaa@icnarc.org.

Validate your Q4 (January - February 2018) data before 26 May 2018 to receive your Q4 Report!

The 8-week validation period for Q4 has now begun.

What do you need to do?

  • Make sure that all team visit records for Q4 have been entered
  • Validate all data that is in a status of ‘in validation’ (indicated by an orange flag)
  • Enter all denominator data for Q4

 What does NCAA do? 

  • We will review and either approve or decline your data
  • We will provide your NCAA Q4 Report once all data is either in ‘pending outcome’ (green flag) or ‘validated’ (dark blue flag)

Remember you may be required to re-validate your data if further explanation/amendment is needed. Keep checking your data until all team visit records are in a status of ‘validated’ (dark blue flag) or ‘pending outcome’ (green flag).

Unsure which status your data are in and what to do next?

Visit the NCAA web portal. Refer to the Online Data Validation (ODV) Guide and the NCAA Data Collection and Validation Advice Guide (available to download on File Exchange). Still unsure?  Please get in touch: ncaa@icnarc.org 020 7269 9288