Important notice!

01 Apr 2020 - Response to COVID-19

We recognise the extra pressure you and your teams are under as a result of COVID-19. NCAA will continue to collect and validate data and produce reports, but we fully understand that this may not be possible for all hospitals. If you would like to put your data collection activities on pause during this time, please contact us

Welcome to the National Cardiac Arrest Audit

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Validate your Q1 (Apr-Jun) data before Thursday 27 August to receive your Q1 NCAA Report!

Please keep us informed of any difficulties you may be having and we will support you.


Where possible, please try to validate your Q1 (Apr-Jun) data before Thursday, 27 August

What do you need to do?

  • Make sure that all team visit records for Q1 (Apr-Jun) have been entered
  • Enter your denominator data once the above is complete
  • Validate all data that is in a status of ‘In validation’ (orange flag)
  • Review all data that is in the status of ‘Pending outcome’ (green flag) for Q1 (Apr-Jun) and enter outcome data for any patients no longer in your hospital.

Remember you may be required to re-validate your data if further explanation/amendment is needed.

Keep checking your data until all team visit records are in a status of ‘validated’ (dark blue flag) or ‘pending outcome’ (green flag).

Unsure which status your data are in and what to do next?

  • Visit the NCAA Portal
  • Refer to the NCAA Online Data Validation (ODV) Guide and Data Collection and Validation Advice Guide (available to download via File Exchange)
  • Still unsure? Please contact the NCAA Team on 020 7269 9288 or

When will I receive my report?

We endeavour to publish reports within 12 weeks of the end of the reporting quarter, where the validation deadline is met.

Reports are uploaded via File Exchange and users with access will receive an email when their report is published.