Important notice!

03 Jan 2017 Validate your Q3 (October-December 2016) data before 3 March to receive your Q3 Report!

What do you need to do?

  • Make sure that all team visit records for Q3 have been entered
  • Validate all data that is in a status of ‘in validation’ (indicated by an orange flag)
  • Enter all denominator data for Q3


What does NCAA do?

  • We will review and either approve or decline your data
  • We will provide your NCAA Q3 report once all data is either in ‘pending outcome’ (green flag) or ‘validated’ (dark blue flag)


REMEMBER: You may be need to re-validate your data if further explanation is required or where data require amendment. Keep checking your data until all Team visit records are in a status of ‘validated’ (dark blue flag) or ‘pending outcome’ (green flag).

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